10 Effortless Exercises To Burn Belly Fat At Home Without Equipment

Exercises To Burn Belly Fat

Here are 10 best effortless exercises to burn belly fat which you can easily do at home and don’t require a gym or special equipment.

As usually, they’re all body-weight and don’t require a gym or special equipment – just some space in order to move.

The exercises are in no particular order, but they’re all stacked up as a workout routine – and we’ll start it off with a warm up block.

keep in mind that you burn fat by exercising daily, and paying attention to what you eat (no sugar and no grains).

So without wasting anytime let’s begin with best exercises to burn belly fat.

Hold on, we can’t forget to do a warm up so let’s do it first.

                                       WARM UP 

1. Side Bends 

Reps : 12 Times

Benefit : Side bends is definitely great for warm up. It bring stability to your entire body and allows you to stretch your back and help to maintain great flexibility. Side bends also helping in stabilizing your torso and lengthen the abdominal muscles, hips, and thigh muscles.

2. High Knee Twist 

Reps : 12 Times

Benefit : High knee twist is excellent choice for warm up. It engages your core, strengthens all the muscles in your legs, Improves speed, stability, agility and power. It also Elevates heart rate and maximizes calorie burn and that’s why it is a good warm up exercise to burn belly fat.

                            BEGIN THE WORKOUT 

1. Ski Hops 

Reps : 20 Times

Benefit : Ski hops or also known as ski jumps. This exercise will definitely going to help you to burn belly fat. Because by doing this exercise you got strong landing mechanics, decelerating and it working through your muscles, maintaining your core engaged and breathing. It will also increases Leg strength, Stamina, Coordination, Bone strength and balance like a complete body workout.

Rest : Take 20 Seconds rest before proceeding to next exercise

2. Side Leg Raise 

Reps : 12 Times

Benefit : Side leg raises are a simple and effective exercise that target to your stomach and which becomes a great exercise to burn belly fat. It helps to build your core strength, better range of motion in the hips, better body stabilization, use of muscles that aren’t usually active in those who sit for prolonged periods each day and improved muscle endurance.

Rest : Take 20 Seconds rest before proceeding to next exercise

3. Jumping Jacks 

Reps : 30 Times

Benefit : Jumping jacks are an efficient total-body workout that you can do almost anywhere. Jumping jacks being a cardio exercise, makes use of oxygen to meet the energy demands thereby stimulating your heart muscles. This exercise is part of what’s called plyometrics, or jump training and also works your heart, lungs, and muscles at the same time. 

Rest : Take 25 Seconds rest before proceeding to next exercise

4. Mountain Climber 

Reps : 24 Times

Benefit : Mountain climbers can get your heart pumping while building energy in your legs, core and arms and also it increase your Mobility, increase Cardiovascular health, improve Coordination and Agility. If you want to have an attractive flat belly, then this best exercise to burn belly fat that covers your tummy.

Rest : Take 30 Seconds rest before proceeding to next exercise

5. Running In Place 

Reps : 40 Times

Benefit : Running in place elevates your heart rate, improves blood sugar levels, and burns calories and  fat, all of which help with weight loss. You’ll also boost cardiovascular function, enhance lung ability, and improve circulation. So, this exercise not only helps you to burn belly fats, it also sheds fat from other areas. Running and walking are of the best fat-burning exercises that you should always add in your workout plan.

Rest : Take 35 Seconds rest before proceeding to next exercise

6. Burpees 

Reps : 8 Times

Benefit : The burpee is a full body workout that works in your arms, back, chest, core, glutes and legs and also this exercise spike your heart rate as much as sprinting for a bus does. The burpee is one of the best exercises to burn fat because studies have shown that this type of exercises like burpees, burn up to 50% more fat than conventional strength training exercises.

Rest : Take 35 Seconds rest before proceeding to next exercise

7. Star Jumps 

Reps : 8 Times

Benefit : Star jump is very similar to jumping jacks because star jump, like other bodyweight cardio exercises, burn calories and are most effective for weight loss when used in a HIIT workout. And don’t forget to eat properly, get enough sleep, and manage your stress levels if your goal is weight loss.

Rest : Take 35 Seconds rest before proceeding to next exercise

8. Russian Twist

Reps : 20 Times

Benefit : Russian twists are great exercise for belly fat and calorie burners and very effective when it comes to targeting the oblique muscles present at the side of your belly.. increasing the intensity and/or adding weights to the exercise allows burn more calories. It strengthens the rectus abdominis, internal obliques, the external obliques and also the decrease lower back. 

Rest :Take 35 Seconds rest before proceeding to next exercise

9. Cross Crunches 

Reps : 14 Times

Benefit : The cross crunch is a amazing exercise it targets both abs and the oblique muscles. This exercise allows you to strengthen the core, sculpts the waist and tones the abdominal wall. To challenge your muscles and get them to respond to exercising, it is important that you include changed versions of the regular crunch into your core workouts.

Rest : Take 35 Seconds rest before proceeding to next exercise

10. Reach Through 

Reps : 20 Times

Benefit : Reach through is one of best exercise because it provides you a lot of benefits like increases core strength, improved muscle mass, athletic performance, better balance and stability, increased flexibility, improved posture, reduce risk of back pain and injury. And there is no doubt that this is best exercise to burn belly fat.

NOTE : In case if you find difficulties or feeling uncomfortable by doing these exercises to burn belly fat then, you don’t have to worry about that because it’s starting for you and after some time your body will able to handle these exercises without any issues. But if you have some internal problems or not getting the results then i suggest you that you should consult with your physician before beginning the exercises.

So here, our full workout is completed and all these videos is belongs to this channel.

Now the work from my side is done and now its your turn. I want you to stick with these 10 exercise and nobody can stop you to achieve your goals. And I’m definitely sure that you’ll really enjoy by doing these 10 effortless exercises to burn belly fat.  

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