5 Simple Habits That Really Made Losing Weight


The most thing to consider when you’re trying to lose weight is less eat

Yes, its true  if you want to lose weight you have the less regardless what diet you choose you have to be in the calorie deficit if you want to lose weight period but just saying eat less isn’t that helpful it’s kind of like saying man just go to the gym that’s good general advice but i want to be bit more specific. I know that i lose 45 pounds without counting calories without weighting my food and really without accurately measuring any of my food and i want to share with you guys 5 simple habits that really made losing weight much easier for me.

                                                                     TIP NO. 1  

STOP SNACKING : Eat 3-4 meals a day at designated times and don’t eat anything in between don’t eat that doughnut in the break room at 10 a.m. don’t eat that 300 calorie protein bar at 2.00 p.m. because i need my protein stop snacking on chips and crackers and stop eating candy in the gym stop eating all these filler food throughout the day that you’re probably just eating out of boredom a couple hundred calories a couple times per day will add up quickly.

                                                                   TIP NO. 2

EAT 1 PROTEIN AND 1 CARB/MEAL : Not eggs and bacon and sausage, not oatmeal and them up in toast, not meatballs and pasta and huge piece of garlic bread, not a turkey sandwich and a bag of potato chips so i like to eat good barbecue let’s use that for example when i go out to a barbecue restaurant with friends and family i would just get one protein and one carbohydrate or one meat and one side something brisket and mac and cheese not brisket, mac cheese, potato salad, baked beans and cornbread and i don’t think you need to worry about making sure you include a fat that’s probably gonna be covered by your protein your carbs i’m also not mention vegetables because eat as much of those as you want shouldn’t be limited.

                                                                    TIPS NO. 3

AVOID ADD-ONS : So about once a week i like to go to a local sandwich shop you get a turkey sandwich the websites says this thing’s anywhere between 450-500 it’s a decent meal pretty satisfying for most of us don’t ruin it by adding bacon adding extra house sauce adding chips adding a drink chocolate chip cookie looks pretty good I’ll toss that in to make you smart decisions even when you’re not in an ideal situation it’s so important when you’re trying to lose weight.

What Do I Mean ?

Look i get it you’ve had a long day at work you go pick the kids up from school drop the kids off at practice you’re gonna run to the gym real quick pick the kids up from practice you gotta get them home get them showered get them to do their homework get them ready for the next day you might not have dinner prepared you’re probably just gonna run through a fast-food drive-through it’s not ideal but it’s not the end of the world.

                                                                TIPS NO. 4

Just Get One Item : Going to eat fast food just get one item don’t make it a meal just get the cheeseburger don’t add on fries, soda, chicken nuggets skip all that just get the cheese burger don’t make it a meal. Like you have no other option and you’ve got to get fast food today and on that time probably you want to order 2 double cheese burger, 12 piece chicken, large saucy fry make an extra saucy, large milkshake, large coca-cola and side salad with a side of ranch and a side of another cheeseburger but you can still stay on diet track even when circumstances are not perfect you can’t always control your day-to-day situations but you can control  the decisions you make. 

                                                              TIPS NO. 5

NO LIQUID CALORIES : Stop drinking soda, stop drinking milk, stop drinking orange juice and stop drinking your starbucks dessert maybe stop drinking so much beer these things add up quickly they’re easily consume which means they’ll easily fly under the radar that tips pretty straightforward.

I think one thing that took me a long time to understand me and accept while i was losing weight was the fact that i did not need to eat until i was full every time i didn’t need to eat until i was content and not hungry anymore i think that our hunger gage is unreliable and probably for most of us inaccurate.

BOTTOM LINE : This is a very difficult challenge for a lot of people to overcome stopping yourself from overeating or you can check our post on Top 9 Insane Strategies to Stop Overeating. Because overeating it’s kind of like waking up in a morning to your alarm you say yourself just 5 more minutes and before you know you’ve been laying in bed for 30-minutes try to get yourself out of bed and i think overeating can happen the same way be mindful of it you have to make a conscious effort effort to stop eating before you’re full when you’re preparing food or you’re ordering food don’t let your eyeballs determine how much you need to eat stick to your plan. 


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