500 Calories Burned Per Hour : 50 Weight Exercises Burn The Most Calories

Calories Burned Per Hour

We’re introducing you 50 weight exercises which jump over 500 calories burned per hour from your body. Calories per hour has been calculated for an average size human, doing the exercise at an average intensity. The information has been heavily researched and triple checked!

So without wasting any let’s move further into the list.

1. Sitting : The heavier you are, the extra calories you may burn in a given duration of sitting time. For 150-lb person sitting quietly burns 65 calories per hour

Calories Burn : 65 Kcal/hour

2. Standing : Standing qualifies as a non-workout activity thermogenesis which encompasses those everyday activities that help burn calories, such as fidgeting.

Calories Burn : 110 Kcal/hour

3. Sit Ups(moderate) : According to my fitness friend, sit ups, on average, can burn 3 calories per minute when done at a moderate peace and up to 9 calories per minute at a vigorous pace.

Calories Burn : 180 Kcal/hour 

4. Walking : Walking is a low-impact cardio exercise that’s easy to do, requires no special equipment and burns calories effectively.

Calories Burn : 210 Kcal/hour 

5. Snooker : Snooker only burn 6 extra calories per hour then walking which comes as no shock. Considering the sport is sitting and walking for long durations, there’s no way to burn loads.

Calories Burn : 216 Kcal/hour 

6. Weight Lifting(moderate) : According to Harvard health publishing, a 150-pound man or woman burns about 114 calories weightlifting for 30 minutes.

Calories Burn : 224 Kcal/hour

7. Bowling : Like many other sports activities, calorie burning depends on many factors and this is also the case with bowling. An hour of casual bowling for a 150lb man can see them burn around 224 calories per hour.

Calories Burn : 224 Kcal/hour

8. Frisbee(casual) : Its depend on how much you weigh, how much you’re moving, and if you’re throwing a frisbee around for fun or playing a competitive game of ultimate frisbee.

Calories Burn : 224 Kcal/hour

9. Volleyball(non-competitive) : Its depend on how much you weigh, how much you move, and if you’re playing for fun or competitively. If you’re just playing for fun the average calories burned per hour is 224.

Calories Burn : 224 Kcal/hour


10. Power Yoga : This form of yoga gives a challenging workout for your entire body, typically with an emphasis on building strength. An hour long session could see you burn 226 calories.

Calories Burn : 226 Kcal/hour

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11. Planking : The more repetitions you do, the more calories you’ll burn if you have a high muscle-to-fat ratio, you will also burn more calories during rest periods between plank reps. 

Calories Burn : 240 Kcal/hour


12. Surfing : As demanding as it may look, surfing does not burn as many calories as one would expect. However, a wave riding session will provide you with a full-body workout and work wonders on your physique.

Calories Burn : 255 Kcal/hour


13. Archery : According to Harvard half-hour of archery burns about 130 calories, depending on your body weight. Properly drawing a bow strengthens your core, hands, chest, arms and shoulders.

Calories Burn : 260 Kcal/hour


14. Hang Gliding : Someone weighing 70Kg hang gliding burns 260 calories in 60 mins. This value is roughly equivalent to 0.07 pound or 1.12 pounds or 31.8 grams of mass.

Calories Burn : 260 Kcal/hour


15. Cricket : Cricket has an image of a sedate knock about in the park but in truth the fat burning potential is very good, using up to 400 calories per hour. it is an interesting and fascinating alternative to baseball.

Calories Burn : 272 Kcal/hour


16. Battle Ropes : Henkin found that the female participant burned 45 calories in 4 mins and 29 seconds of battle rope training, while the male burned 82 calories in 5 mins, 44 seconds.

Calories Burn : 285 Kcal/hour


17. Gymnastics(general) : It turns out, the amount olympian eat can vary tremendously depending not only on the events they’re competing in, but also their body type and lifestyle outside the olympic arena.

Calories Burn : 298 Kcal/hour

18. Horseback Riding : On average, the riders’ heart rate went up to 163 beats per minute during their riding exercise. They found that calories burned per hour were 298.

Calories Burn : 298 Kcal/hour

19. Hatha Yoga : This type of class is generally a gentle introduction to yoga, which will likely leave you extra stretched out than sweaty. On average, a typical one hour hatha yoga class can burn.

Calories Burn : 298 Kcal/hour

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20. Tai Chi : You may not realize just how many calories those slow, graceful movements will shed. It has been calculated that a 150-pound man or woman burns about 298 calories per hour.

Calories Burn : 298 Kcal/hour

21. Crunches : The average person completes about 30 crunches in one minute, that means it’ll take you about 10 mins to complete your 300 crunches. For every 300 crunches, the average man burns 50 calories.

Calories Burn : 300 Kcal/hour

22. Sailing : Sailing works your shoulders and lower back muscles, arms muscles, your chest and core, as well as your legs. A 150lb guy can burn up to 315 Kcal per hour.

Calories Burn : 315 Kcal/hour

23. Canoeing : Canoeing is not as good as kayaking when it comes to burning calories. In fact, canoeing burns over 50 less calories per hour.

Calories Burn : 319 Kcal/hour

24. Elliptical : The amount of calories you burn on an elliptical machine is mainly based the speed your are going. When going at a moderate speed, a 150lb man can burn 322 calories in a hour.

Calories Burn : 322 Kcal/hour

25. Badminton : Badminton is primarily an anaerobic sport, which means that your body burns your stored energy as fuel. It’s a high-energy sport, so playing it for one hour is a good way to burn calories.

Calories Burn : 334 Kcal/hour

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26. Ping-Pong : The number of calories you burn playing depends on how much muscle you have, age, sex, and fitness level. If you are playing an intense and competitive game you can burn a ton of calories.

Calories Burn : 350 Kcal/hour

27. Snowboarding : The caloric burn isn’t as high as some winter sports, however snowboarding on a consistent basis can contribute to better physical health.

Calories Burn : 361 Kcal/hour

28. Volleyball(competitive) : It depends on how much you weigh, how much you move, and if you’re playing for fun or competitively, you’ll burn on average, 364 calories per hour.

Calories Burn : 364 Kcal/hour

29. Kayaking : Paddling down a river or around a lake is excellent upper-body workout that works your shoulders, the muscles of your back and core.

Calories Burn : 372 Kcal/hour

30. Skateboarding : Casual skateboarding ca burn 372 calories per hour for a 150lb man. it’s no surprise you burn less than if you were pro skating but it’s still a good way to burn those calories.

Calories Burn : 372 Kcal/hour

31. Fencing(casual) : It comes as a surprise to many that only a casual match of fencing can burn 400 calories per hour. This obviously jumps up when turned competitive.

Calories Burn : 400 Kcal/hour

32. Trampolining : The exact number of calories burned during a workout depend on the intensity of the bouncing and the type of jumps performed.

Calories Burn : 401 Kcal/hour

34. Aerobic Dance : Aerobic dance can burn upwards of 406 energy per hour. This is all depends on your weight, intensity of your dance and your sex age.

Calories Burn : 406 Kcal/hour

35. Ballroom Dancing : This form of exercise uses a wide style of motions to engage multiple muscle groups in a dynamic way that uses a great amount of calories.

Calories Burn : 410 Kcal/hour


36. Golf : Considering an average nine-hole outing takes between 2 and 3 hours, golfers may burn around 410 calories total by way of carrying or pulling their clubs.

Calories Burn : 410 Kcal/hour

37. Press Up : While pushups are usually considered a strength- building exercise, you can still jump over 400 calories burned per hour depending on your weight, intensity and sex.

Calories Burn : 420 Kcal/hour

38. Fencing : On average, a 150-pound female burns about 446 calories per hour while fencing. May new fencers are amazed at how intense movement can be during a match.

Calories Burn : 446 Kcal/hour

39. Skiing : For downhill skiing, the table cites that a 155 pound person burns 446 calories per hour. This is including the person using ski lifts rather than skiing back up the hill.

Calories Burn : 446 Kcal/hour

40. Wrestling : The rate that you’ll burn calories while wrestling depends significantly upon your weight. The more you weigh, the more calories you’ll usually burn.

Calories Burn : 446 Kcal/hour

41. Hiking : Everyone will burn calories at a different rate, and different factors like body weight, p.c. weight, distance intensity, metabolism, and more all factor into your total.

Calories Burn : 446 Kcal/hour

42. Stair Machine : The more you weigh. the more calories you’ll burn climbing stairs. Harvard states that a 155lb male burns 452 calories per hour on a stair machine.

Calories Burn : 452 Kcal/hour

43. Baseball : It depends how much you weigh, how much you move around, and if you’re playing catch or a playing a game, a 150lb person can burn 460 calories per hour.

Calories Burn : 460 Kcal/hour

44. Jumping Jacks : The number of calories burned will vary from person to person. jumping jacks can burn about 8 calories per minute.

Calories Burn : 480 Kcal/hour

45. Cross Country Ski : Cross country skiing generally burns extra calories than downhill skiing. instead of chair lifts to take you up the mountain and gravity to take you down, cross country skiers rely on self-propulsion.

Calories Burn : 498 Kcal/hour

46. Ice Skating(casual) : Ice skating is a awesome winter activity that you could do indoors. It strengthens your lower body as you glide through the ice and your core as you try to remain upright and balanced.

Calories Burn : 520 Kcal/hour

47. Squash : A casual 30 minutes of play burns 238 calories for a 140-pound. If you weigh 150 pounds, this jumps to 520 calories burned per hour

Calories Burn : 520 Kcal/hour

48. Tennis : Tennis is a high-impact, intense aerobic activity. A run and return the ball you are burning calories, Which can be useful for your health and weight loss efforts.

Calories Burn : 520 Kcal/hour

49. Scuba Diving : Being fit and healthy should be a top priority when it comes to scuba diving. Physical health not only enhances your experience and performance, but it also affects safety.

Calories Burn : 520 Kcal/hour

50. Stationary : As you’re not dealing with any winds or terrain changes, it is unlikely you’ll fluctuate in speed and power on a gym bike. This results in only burning 520 calories per hour.

Calories Burn : 520 Kcal/hour

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We’ve covered 50 weight exercises which’ll goes upto 520 calories burned per hour from your body. Now tell me in comment section which you are going to pick up for weight loss, gaining muscle, entertainment, burning fat, living the longest, and feeling good.



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