7 Best Tips To Lose Belly Fat In 2021

best tips to lose belly fat


When it comes to fitness there are certain things that you may be doing that you think are good. But they’re actually holding you back and then there are other things that you maybe haven’t even though about doing at all.

So this information is going to change the game for you. Because these 7 Best Tips To Lose Belly Fat it’s going to be telling you little things here and there that you could consider dropping and certain things you could consider picking up and adding to your fitness lifestyle.

It’s Time to jump into the 7 Best Tips To Lose Belly Fat

  1. DON’T SNACK ON NUTS : I know nuts are very healthy. They’re good for your heart. They’re good for your skin and also they’re amazing. But they are not snacks so do not fall into the habit of thinking that buy a bag of nuts and just snack on them all day which is a bad idea. Thinks of nuts almost like vitamins they’re good for you and you should definitely consume them. But you don’t need to be eating nuts unless you’re a toddler. If you eat nuts as snacks, you run the risk of eating way too many calories and if you’re eating more calories than your body need and in results you’re not going to reach your goals. You’re not going to look the way you want to look. You’re not going to feel the way you want to feel. So instead of snacking on nuts snack on vegetables like carrots. They’re crunchy they’re sweet, good for you, very hard to over eat and they will help you reach your goals faster.

  2. DON’T STRETCH A COLD BODY : A cold body is a body that just got out of a bed or a cold body is a body that’s been sitting in a chair for 4 hours out of the day. A cold body does not want to be stretched and you shouldn’t be stretching a cold body. Because you’re going to snap your muscles and your ligaments. You’re gonna be in pain so you don’t want to do that. Instead do stretch a warm body this is why you should never ever skip your cool down after your workouts. Even if you’re hurry do something stretch. Do this 8 Relaxing Full Body stretch exercises or if you’re super in a hurry, and you can’t easily stretch after your workouts something else you can do is you can get into the habit of taking warm showers at night and stretching after your shower this is something i do a stretch after my workout every day. Also before i go to bed at night i take a really hot shower and when i come out i stretch for 5 – 10 minutes and it’s a great way to relax.

  3. DON’T TENSE YOUR SHOULDERS WHEN YOU ARE DOING PLANK : When you are doing planks a lot of you guys hate planks so much almost as much as you hate burpee and push-ups. As this kind of thing i can understand. But one of the reason you hate planks so much it’s probably because you’re activating the wrong muscles. A lot of you I’ve seen this tensing off the shoulder unnecessary tense your core suck you abs in engage these muscles down on tummy to do your planks. Instead also still on the planks do give yourself time to build into being able to hold your planks for a longer period of time. Don’t think you’re going to go from never exercising to holding a 1-minute plank. It doesn’t work that way give yourself time to grow into it.

  4. PLAN YOUR CHEAT MEALS : Don’t wing your cheat meals. Your cheat meals is something you do 1% of the time to help you be on a track 99% of the time. That 1% of the time can totally undo all the work you have been doing all week. If you’re not careful so the same way you plan your healthy meals. Do plan your cheat meals. If your cheat day is Friday, you should know by Wednesday night exactly what you’re gonna be eating at 12:00 p.m 

  5. DO NOT EXERCISE LESS THAN 5 DAYS A WEEK : Get comfortable with exercise than anything less than 5-6 days a week. Now listen, I’m not saying you should go from 0-100 right away. If you’re new to exercise it’s okay to start with one day a week, two days a week, three days a week. But don’t aim to stay there do a spire to getting to the point. Where you’re exercising 5-6 days a week and loops 5-6 days a week. Don’t have to be workouts that kills you. It could be 10-minutes it could be 5-minutes or it could be 2-minutes. Do something every single day the goal here is to build the habit of daily exercise. So it can be something you do into your 60s and 70s and you be looking snatched. Who doesn’t want to be a snatch too and that’s the goal.

  6. DON’T TRY TO LOSE WEIGHT WITH DIET ALONE : A lot of peoples say that abs are made in the kitchen it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. I think both of them are wrong it is 100% on diet and 100% on exercises. That’s like saying being a decent person is 80% showers and 20% brushing your teeth. No its about 100% you need to take shower 100% and brushing your teeth 100% same thing with working out. This analogy is not making sense but what just in a roll with it. You got a exercise and you have to eat well. It’s both you can’t escape there is no cheating it’s not even a thing. If you think that you can cheat the human body and only diet and not exercise forever. You’re Kidding!! you gotta exercise. You exercise because if you don’t exercise your muscles Atrophy, they get smaller, they don’t do what they’re supposed to do. You’re at high risk of injury and the worst part is the more you diet the harder it is to get the same results. So you put in double the efforts pay double the money do double the work and get half the results. Whereas you could just exercise and when you exercise it’s the opposite. It’s hard when you start but the farther you get into a consistent exercise routine. The easier your body becomes stronger even you get stronger. You can do 1 hour workout in 3 minutes you can do the same amount of work in less time because you just stronger.

  7. DON’T RELY ON DIET AND EXERCISE ALONE : If you are a person that’s working out, eating clean, doing everything right and you’re still gaining weight and also you’re still not getting any results you want. You need to pause and reevaluate. Maybe there’s something deeper going on for you. It could be your hormones that are going off, it could be your thyroid that has an issue, could be high blood pressure. You just never know and it doesn’t hurt to go. Get evaluated by a medical doctor to help you out get professional help. Don’t be out there playing Russian roulette with you health. If you’re doing everything right and not getting results that’s a huge red flag they may be something deeper happening. Then you need to get tested, get your blood tests, your cholesterol checked, your blood pressure checked, your thyroid checked and your Vitamin D levels checked. Check everything talk with your doctor tell them what’s going on and get help. I know that health insurance is crap in a lot of countries, but you are worth the $200 or $300. However much it’s gonna take to make sure you are healthy and you’re happy and ready to take over the world.

So this are the 7 Best Tips To Lose Belly Fat which make big change in your lifestyle and make your life more healthier. 

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