A Short Keto Sushi Recipe | How To Make Keto Sushi

Keto Sushi Recipe

No need to miss sushi for your keto diet! This low carb keto sushi recipe features thinly sliced cucumber and cauliflower rice. A healthful and fresh appetizer or snack in honor of California Avocado Month.

Okay confession time. until now, i have never made any kind of sushi from scratch, let alone keto sushi. And you may argue that this isn’t really sushi at all, since it includes no rice. But I say don’t be silly. It’s fun to try to re-make classic meals in methods that i can enjoy. And i am going to name them whatever I want to name them. So there you have got it. Low carb grain-free sushi!


I decided to take on this faux sushi thing because June is California Avocado Month and we are attempting to show avocados of their most classic California form. And what, my friends, could be more classic Cali than California rolls? even though they aren’t quite made in the “traditional” style. I’d long had an idea to make low carb sushi using thin strips of cucumber to wrap all of it up. And i figured that if remove the cucumber strips side by side and then overlapping each other a bit. Then i could make it into long roll rather than individual pieces, much like a traditional California Roll. I understand this concept probably isn’t original to me, however i used to be pretty pleased with the impact and it worked perfectly.

Keto Sushi Recipe



  • 16 oz cauliflower

  • 6 oz softened cream cheese

  • 2 tbsp rice vinegar

  • 5 nori sheets

  • 1 tbsp soy sauce

  • 1 mini cucumber

  • 2 avocados

  • 5 oz of seafood of your choice


1. Grate the cauliflower.

2. Slice the ends of your cucumber off nicely and then tip it so it’s upright. Slice in half of and discard the middle of each. Slice into strips and set to 1 facet.

3. Add your cauliflower into a hot pan. Season with soy sauce because it cooks.

4. Add the cauliflower to a bowl. Mix in the cream cheese and vinegar. Set it into your            refrigerator to cool down.

5. As soon as the rice is cooled, slice your avocado into small strips and dispose of the            shell.

6. Place a nori sheet onto your roller. Spread on the rice, leaving approximately                      3/4in on the top.

7. Place your fillers layering simply the way you want.

8. Roll the sushi with your bamboo roller. This could take some practice to get right.


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