Easy Keto Tuna Salad Recipe : A Great Healthy Package Food

Keto tuna salad

This creamy and flavorful keto tuna salad is the exceptional low carb lunch idea while you’re in a hurry. It’s pretty clean to make, packed with healthy fats, and every serving simplest has 1.5 net CARBS! no longer to say, this keto tuna salad recipe is just so darn delicious, it’s hard to consider it’s low carb.


2  (170g) Albacore Tuna in water – strained

2  128g Albacore Tuna in olive oil – strained

½ Cup (120g) Sugar-free Mayonnaise

3 Ribs of Celery (120g) sliced

¼ Red Onion (50g) diced

 ½ lemon Juice (25g)

1 Heaping Tbsp. (20g) Sugar-free Dijon Mustard

2 Tsps. Fresh Dill – chopped

Salt & Pepper for Taste

*Optional: 5 Cherry Tomatoes (50g) diced

Keto tuna salad in a bowl.



This is really one of the best – if no longer, the nice – tuna keto recipes you’ll ever make.

My preferred thing about this low carb tuna salad recipe is how creamy, fresh, and flavorful it’s far!

A near second although is how easy it is to make.

This keto tuna salad takes simply 10 mins to whip up, so it’s clearly one of the quickest lunch/dinner thoughts you may make for the keto food plan.

And, as everyone love short and easy!

A bowl of low carb tuna salad surrounded by way of a lemon and celery.

This tuna salad is incredible on its very own, however you can take it even further by creating a low carb tuna fish sandwich with keto bread!

some other wonderful manner to have this low carb tuna salad is to pair it with my keto crackers. The mixture of the creamy and fresh tuna salad with the crunch of the keto crackers is out of this global!

Tuna salad in a bowl and celery next to it.

Or, you could scoop a number of this flavorful tuna salad onto a huge leaf of lettuce. It’s low carb and the crunch of the clean lettuce leaf absolutely goes splendidly with the creaminess of this keto tuna recipe.

Additionally, in case you love this recipe you’ll without a doubt need to try my other keto recipes too. They’re simply as creamy, flavorful, and refreshing as this tuna salad and you’ll honestly need to feature them to your keto lunch menu!

And simply so that you understand, this recipe makes 5-cups of low carb tuna salad, with beneath 2 grams net Carbs per serving.

How superb is that?!

As I said, it’s THE first-class!

the way to MAKE THE high-quality KETO TUNA SALAD

the secret behind the outstanding taste of this low carb tuna salad is inside the ingredients! selecting the proper ones will take this tuna salad from normal to amazing.

and that i’m guessing you need to make a few amazing keto tuna salad!

So, for best outcomes use the ingredients I list beneath.

A big bowl of keto tuna salad with veggies, a lemon, and two forks next to it.

Ingredients & procedure

First, i use a mixture of Albacore tuna in water and Albacore tuna in olive oil.

the usage of two kinds of tuna offers a few variety to the texture and taste of this keto recipe.

The tuna in water offers a complete hearty flavor to this dish, whilst the tuna in oil has a very soft and juicy texture that takes this keto salad to the next level.

Tuna salad in a small bowl.

next, i use this mayo. It’s made with avocado oil and also it is sugar-free.

The mayo provides a fresh and creamy factor to this low carb tuna salad which you just can’t beat!

And you could actually use your preferred keto mayonnaise for this recipe -anything that is probably – but I highly suggest using ½ cup or 120 grams of it. That’s what I’ve observed to be absolutely the best amount to create the great balance of creaminess.

The diced celery and red onion additionally add a smooth crispness and crunch to this low carb tuna salad.. So don’t skip out on these cause you would possibly regret it!

some other thing you actually can’t skip out on is the lemon juice and fresh dill.

these ingredients are the secret to creating the quality tuna salad for the keto diet. They make the taste of the tuna really shine and produce a vibrancy to this recipe which you’ll definitely love!

2 bowls of low carb tuna salad with a lemon, celery, and a blue napkin next to them.

last but absolutely not least, a heaping tablespoon of this sugar-free Dijon mustard is both amazing for the keto food plan and for including an superb depth of flavor to this recipe!

This makes such a large difference to the overall dish and i especially suggest it.

For a touch treat, cherry tomatoes are a amazing addition to this salad – they make this keto recipe even extra perfect for a summer season lunch.

but in case you’re really watching your carbs, feel free to bypass these. it’s going to still taste definitely great!

Then it’s only a matter of prepping the ingredients and combining all of them together.

As I mentioned in advance, i really like making this low carb tuna recipe because it’s so simple, easy, and short! And, again, since it takes simply 10 mins, it’s perfect in case you’re in a rush or feeling a bit lazy.

2 Bowls of tuna salad with and onion, lemon, celery, and forks next to them.

This low carb tuna salad recipe isn’t just superb for keto, it’s also perfect for the lacto-ovo-pescetarian diet. It’s full of healthy fat, nutritious ingredients, and no beef!

however for those on the weight loss plan who don’t consume eggs, feel free to replacement the mayo on this tuna salad recipe to your favorite vegan mayonnaise.

simply make sure to maintain track of those carbs and sugars if you need to maintain this recipe as ketogenic as possible!


Ensure that your tuna in water and tuna in olive oil are strained. place the ones together in a medium-sized bowl and set apart.

Put together your diced red onion and celery. ensure to cut off the ends of the celery and slice them into the little u-shaped pieces we see on such a lot of amazing tuna salad recipes.

In case you’re using cherry tomatoes, slice them into quarters.

Additionally, ensure to eliminate the stems of the dill before chopping them up.

Then, add the whole thing to a huge bowl and season with salt and pepper. mix the whole thing together and you’re completed!


 Serving Size: 1 Cup Calories: 305 Fat: 22g Carbohydrates: 2g Fiber: 0.5g

Protein: 26g


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