Health and Fitness Tips That’ll Change Your Whole Rest Life


In this article i want to share with you some really good healthy lifestyle tips because let’s be honest if we want to be healthy and fit it’s got to be double we’ve got to do this for the rest of our life so basically i’m just going to run through them.

So now let’s discuss that tips which will help you to stay healthy and fit.

  1. BEST TIME FOR EXERCISE : So the best time is and let met tell you it’s the time that’s gonna work for you alright so if you’re a morning person then definitely do workout in morning if you can’t bear mornings then do your workouts at launch time or if you prefer do you workout in the evening the key thing is it’s about making it consistent so don’t put yourself under pressure to do a workout first thing in the morning is said if you hate mornings because then you’re not gonna do it then it doesn’t become consistent then it doesn’t become a lifestyle so in all honesty the best time is the time that suits you.
  2. BEST EXERCISE : What sort of exercise should i be doing again here there are so many different ways to exercise so we can dance, we can walk or you can do my 7-days 7-minute workouts you can do a hit training, you can do swimming, you can cycling, you can do running and you can simply just move i mean exercise at the end of their day is your body moving so what i would say for this one is just find something you enjoyed because remember and it’s so important think of it like this you’ve got to enjoy it then you’re going to stick to it if you don’t enjoy it you’re not going to stick to it so the best exercise is one that you enjoy so i personally don’t really like running occasionally I’ll run and go and do a 5k but that’s perhaps once every 6-7 weeks my exercise that i personally enjoy doing is my 7-days 7-minutes workout at home that i can do in pajamas yes with a sports bra but pajamas and i love walking you know that’s how i keep healthy and fit so the key thing find the workouts that you enjoy I said it could be dancing, skipping, running whatever it is.
  3. FOCUS ON ALL THE BENEFITS : So lot of people if they’re trying to lose weight all they think about is weight loss gotta lose weight jumping on and off the scales they become obsessed with weighing scales instead change that mindset of that and this is really important and think every time you exercise you are investing in your heart health you are making your bones stronger you are increasing your energy you are helping your mind you you are literally investing in your future health and when you see the bigger picture is where you’re going to get all those results all those side effects of being healthy and fit like the weight loss it’s going to come with that but what i would really like to stress don’t lose weight if you don’t need to remember it’s not about being we don’t have to be you know this perfect size that the media tell us it’s actually just about you being your healthiest version so talking about sizes everything is triple large double buy one get ten million free everything is encouraging us to eat more and actually we want to be really sensible here with this. You know portion size even if you are eating something healthy if you are having double the portions you’re having double the calories.
  4. DIET WORKS : What diet you recommend so key thing here is we don’t want to be on a diet for the rest of our life and often diet is about restriction we don’t want that it’s about simply learning about what is healthy food let’s enjoy food food is such a important part of our life you know and i think there’s so many and fat diets all these things where we see people that are actually big influence in health fitness nutrition and they’re promoting protein shakes which it’s so wrong so bad if they were doing it because they actually wanted to make a difference people’s health they wouldn’t be promoting that if they’re doing it because they want to make money they’ll promote it let’s not forget protein is in eggs it is in chicken it is in dairy if you’re vegan isn’t nuts it is in peace it is in chickpeas there is protein in abundance everywhere so be smart you don’t need to fall further that so for me what it’s about is if you just learn about what is healthy food let’s just focus on knowledge let’s education is key to everything here and healthy food can be delicious all right so remember again you’re doing this for life we’ve got to enjoy.
  5. DO I NEED TO USE WEIGHTS : Honest answer is your arms are arms these are weights let me tell you up i hold these out for a long time they are so heavy your legs away i can’t quite get my legs up here right now but your body is a weight so to do weight training and body strength training you don’t need to use weights you simply workout using a body weight but if you are someone who like going to the gym the definitely you you can use weight and benefit of using weight is going to turn you up to sculpt you but you are still going to strengthening your bones which is so important.
  6. STAY MOTIVATED : It’s all about up here mindset so my best advice for motivation is always have your kit ready but you don’t need to go and buy loads of kit just have a funky t-shirt have pair of legging have stuff laid out at home so as soon as you get home you can get straight into doing your workouts also find some really upbeat music but most of all just be disciplined make it happen alright and get a friend involved set up like a whatsapp group or something like that so you can then encourage each other .
  7. THE KEY IS INTENSITY : Intensity is really important when it comes to your exercise because if we don’t hit the right intensity we’re not going to get the right results alright so i cannot stress this enough now I’ve done a really good little shot for are right here : 1. Nothing At All
    2. Very, Very Light
    3. Very Light
    4. Moderate 
    5. Somewhat Hard 
    6. Hard 
    7. Very Hard 
    8. Very Very Hard 
    9. Near Exhaust
    10. Maximum

    so you can see here it goes from 1-10 and 1 being as if we sat down and 10 being we are utterly exhausted we can’t not physically anymore and the key thing here is on this list is that we are always staying within the 5-7 zone that is the most effective intensity that you should be working out up so if you’re doing a workout and it’s only feeling a level 4 it’s a little bit too light you’ve got to increase the intensity slightly equally if you’re doing workout and it’s feeling 8 or 9 then just reduce that intensity a little bit alright so that is a really good way to measure your intensity.

                                                   MY LAST WORD

Now finish off with the non scale victories alright because everyone jumps on the weighing scales let’s jump off them and instead let’s focus on when you workout your clothes are going to feel better you’re gonna have more energy you’re gonna sleep the better you’re going to feel good you’re increasing your health your fitness you are taking control you are in control of your body and finally i’m going to finish on the most important one and the best benefit of all is every time you workout you are investing in your future health so i just really wanted to post this article up today because i just think it’s really important let’s just remember the bigger picture is a lifestyle. 


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