Keto Diet Foods : What To Eat And How To Make Your Custom Keto Diet

The Keto Diet Foods

Top-5 absolute best Keto Diet Foods that you can eat for keto weight loss. Also can eat for a low-carb high-fat ketogenic lifestyle. If you actually plan your week and try to get these Keto Diet Foods within your week .You will absolutely see results enhance your health and make this is a lifestyle that you can stick to long term.

So let’s jump into

The Top 5 Keto Diet Foods

  1.  SALMON

I’ve tried to have salmon once or twice a week. But salmon in general is really high in DNA. It’s going to help you with those healthy fats and it’s going to keep you full. I love to have salmon on a Caesar salad and no croutons obviously.So it is one of the best types of foods to order in a restaurant. I get it all the time. If you are a Keto Beginner then you should always add salmon in diet like regularly on the regular.

Some Other Reasons That You Should Add Salmon In Your Keto Diet Foods

  •  Eating salmon makes you smarter. Because It is a great smart food as it’s full of omega-3 fatty acids which brains thrives on to function efficiently and properly. Eat salmon regularly and you can reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

  • Salmon is good for vision and making salmon part of your keto diet meal plan can actually decreases Macular degeneration. A condition that lead to the loss of vision.

  • A good source of vitamin D. So if you want to be at the top of your game you’re going to want to be eating salmon for its abundance of vitamin D. One can of salmon is likely to provide a day supply vitamin D for most peoples.

  • It can also help you in sleep. It’s a great source of tryptophan a natural sedative similarly found in foods such as turkey. Some dairy products and some like legumes.

  • Good for sore joints eating salmon can benefit sore joints especially for people who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. Studies has found that subjects with joint pain who incorporated EPA rich omega-3 fats into their diet. Such as those found in salmon had reduced the joint pain by more than 20%

  • Reduce heart disease risk the omeg-3 fats in salmon can also help to prevent heart disease risk by lowering triglycerides in the body. Triglycerides are a type of fat which is knows as lipid fats found in your blood.

It’s a pretty special fish that can make for pretty nutrition dish.

2. Green Leafy

Leafy greens are incredible for potassium so the dark leafy greens are really what we’re talking about here. The darker the green the better it is so have adding this in is really good.  If you’re making your own Caesar Salad you’re putting some salmon on that. Maybe you’re grilling it maybe you’re poaching it however you want to create it or cook it. You want to add your Caesar dressing to dark leaf green veggies. By making that salad with those dark leafy green veggies you can also just make tons of salads with that. That is my recommendation and if you guys want suggestion for a really good Caesar dressing. That’s low in sugar and here it is Best Keto Caesar Dressing.

                                Here’s Are Some Of The Best Darker Leafy Greens 

  • Lettuce                                                                                

  • Spinach                                                                

  • Broccoli                                                                       

  • Kale

  • Mustard Greens                                                                              

  • Collard Greens       

  • Swiss Chard    

3. Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs

If you ate this every single day i could almost guarantee your result. That is organic pasture-raised eggs. Having eggs in your first meal of the day after breaking an intermittent fast is an amazing way to kick start. Really push that fat burning growing. Eggs actually have been shown to get incredible results on the scale. That’s why a lot of people will do like egg fast and that’s lot of things. There’s properties within egg that will actually help your body with weight loss. So if you’re making an omelet or something like that try to make much fo the egg yolks and not the egg whites. Because sometimes egg whites can cause bloating and swelling in some people. That’s one thing to consider I usually do 3 eggs or 4 eggs and i will drop out 1 or 2 of eggs whites. It’s completely opposite from the typical low-calorie low-fat diet. Which is telling you to eat egg whites and egg yolks. But here with Keto and high fat lifestyle. We’re telling you to eat more of the egg yolks. 

Benefits Of Pasture-Raised Eggs 

  •  High carotenoids

  •  Hich in choline

  •  High in omega 3 fatty acids

  •  High amounts of leucine

  • Double the amount of vitamin E

  • 38% more concentrated vitamin A


Avocados are loaded with healthy fats now avocado is the another one of the fruits or vegetables. I don’t know what you would categorize avocados. I’m pretty sure it’s actually categorized as a fruit. But these are really good to get those healthy fats in. They’ll keep you full. They help you with your skin your hair everything. I mean anytime you get any type of really good healthy fat. I actually absolutely love to make an avocado omelet. So what l’ll do is i would mash up my avocado and make a guacamole or I will get guacamole pre-made. Then I will make an omelet put it in the center the guacamole folded over. Maybe put some capers on top butter salt and pepper that all of thing and i will eat that. That is an amazing fat-burning meal to help you reach your goals with the low-carb keto diet plan. 

 7 Benefits That You Should Take From Avocado 

  • Fight Inflammation

  • Improve Digestion

  • Enhance Your Mood

  • Healthy Skin and Hair

  • Role in Cancer Fighting

  • A Source of Healthy Fats

  • Improve Nutrient Absorption


To eating shellfish is incredible for this keto diet foods. If you can find a restaurant that has Oysters and make them with like garlic and parmesan cheese. Without the breading on there like bake them like an oyster rockefeller or something like that. But without the breading that is so good for you. Helping you reach your goals and so i try have that like a couple times a month. If you’re just making it yourself then you just take oysters you break them apart sprinkle on some garlic powder. Put in there some you top it with some shredded parmesan. Bake that until it’s bubbly. Add a little bit of lemon to that and that’s amazing it’s gonna help you reach your goals so fast.


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So since we’re talking a about the best foods for keto and make your own custom diet using 

I want to add in just couple foods you should stay away from

And that is Nuts because nuts you can go overboard on. You can eat too many of them and they definitely can stall your progress. Vegetables oil so try to get those in moderation or cut them out completely.

I hope This Article Is Really Helped You

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