Ketogenic Grocery List For Beginners : What To Eat On Keto Diet

Ketogenic Grocery List

Your ultimate beginner Ketogenic grocery list 

Now Full Disclaimer : Not everything on this Ketogenic grocery list you need to buy you don’t need to go and spend $300 at the grocery store but i am giving you a list and you can kind of pick choose or you can get all of it and another thing to note just because it is not on this list doesn’t mean you cannot have it. I can possibly list all the things you can’t have on keto because keto is amazing ad gives you a ton of variety and a ton of abundance when it comes down to things you can’t eat.

Let’s go ahead let’s get right into it

I’m gonna try to keep the science to somewhat of minimum but i still have to be on brand and give you a little bit of science.

So Let’s Go Ahead And Start With Veggies From Ketogenic Grocery List

                                                       OPTIMAL VEGGIES 

  • Broccoli

  • Cauliflower 

  • Spinach 

  • Baby Kale 

  • Avocado 

  • Artichoke 

  • Asparagus 

  • Berries 

Broccoli : Preferably baby broccoli is okay it’s going to be a little bit lower carb content. Also is going to be high in anti estrogen properties so it’s gonna help you fight water retention.

Cauliflower : In the same boat it is also a cruciferous vegetable it is also in the clean 25 which means you don’t need to get it organic because it’s already pretty clean and doesn’t have a whole lot in the way of pesticides but cauliflower rice and mashed cauliflower all that stuff so get cauliflower.

Spinach : Preferably baby spinach again lower carbohydrate content higher nutrient density.

Baby Kale : Don not get regular kale unless you really like baby kale. It gives you all the nutritional benefits plus a little bit more and it’s easy to break down mechanically digest because it’s not super stocky and rigid it’s very soft.

Avocado : 100% Do not skip the avocado unless you hate it. Avocado is one of the most powerful things on keto it’s not just good for guacamole. It has a genetic potential inside your body it activates something knows as PPAR which up regulates how much body heat your body generates therefore allowing you to burn more fat.

Artichokes : We need prebiotic fiber from artichokes because that prebiotic fiber is going to be grow the good bacteria when you first start keto and you’re a beginner. You’re balancing gut bacteria and you have a big influx of good bacteria that’s coming in from all the healthy fats so what happens is if you have artichokes you get the perbiotic fiber that’s going to act as sort of a fire fertilizer on that good bacteria. If you like artichokes go for it if you don’t a good alternative is Asparagus

Asparagus : It is very good prebiotic fiber content just a slightly different form from artichokes or you can have both.

Berries : You can have small amount of berries raspberries, blackberries and blueberries that’s going to give to you a small enough carbohydrate content that you can get away with having about a quarter cup to a half a cup per day without knocking you out of a ketogenic state. 

Our Next Is Meat And Proteins From Ketogenic Grocery List 


Ketogenic Grocery List

  • Lean Chicken 

  • Sockeye Salmon 

  • Shellfish 

  • Gf/Gf Beef(ground)

  • S.M.A.S.H

  • Egg(Not Whites)

  • Hemp 

Lean Chicken : Try not to go for the fatty cuts of chicken because the leaner poultry is safer the fat profile of chicken thigh drumsticks of chickens skin is not as good as you would find and say red meat. If you’re trying to get meat for the fat content then you want red meat. If you’re trying to get meat for the protein content then you should go leaner one so lean chicken lean turkey. If you go for ground chicken or ground turkey get the 93% or 96% lean stuff not the 85% first of all i frankly think it tastes better and it’s also better for you.

Sockeye Salmon : Wild caught sockeye salmon, ketta salmon is a little bit less in the way of what’s called astaxanthin don’t need to go into a lot of details there. But astaxanthin is very good for your brain especially on keto. Sockeye is really deep red and it has a lesser radiation content and lesser mercury content so it’s really good stuff.  

Shell Fish : Scallops, Shrimp, Oysters things like that very high mineral content and very high vitamin D content which is going to help mobilize fat going to help from a hormonal standpoint. I understand that not everyone likes shell fish. You don’t have to eat this i’m just saying it is a very clean easy way to get protein.

Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Beef : Usually getting it ground you can get steak but ground beef you’re gonna save a lot of money especially it is so important that you grass-fed grass-finished on keto. Here’s what’s going on one with keto diet you are all of a sudden adding a bunch of fats into your diet and less carbohydrates which means your primary fuel source is fat. Which means your body puts a lot more stocks into that fat because now instead of fat making up 30% of your diet fat making up 70% so it has a lot more invested in good fats. If you have bad fats it’s having a negative effect on you so the bad thing with regular beef and regular is you end up with so much in the way of soy and so much in the way of omega-6 fats that all the sudden you’re tilting the scale significantly out of your favor with those kinds of fats.

S.M.A.S.H : Sardines mackerel anchovies salmon and herring these are all things you can get canned and canned fish because it’s so much healthy and gives us that preservation. It doesn’t usually have all the toxins that people think it does you’re getting the highest omega-3 content so again. You don’t have to eat this stuff but it’s a great source of protein and inexpensive.

Eggs : Go for the one like vital farms or the ones like the high omega-3 pasture-raised organic. Costco even has a pasture-raised organic one that’s really clean you can still eats the whites. But the reason i tell you not whites on there is i don’t want you to specifically go out and seek out just the whites like in the carton because the whites in the carton are just pure protein which is good but they also have a lot more the inflammatory effect. We want to counter the inflammatory effect by having the good coley biotin and all the anti-inflammatory components of the yoke.

Hemp : It is a great vegan vegetarian source. If you’re vegan or vegetarian you can put a little bit of hemp on your eggs. The hemp seeds things like that add some fats that way.    

Now Next Is Fats And Oil From Ketogenic Grocery List 


  • Coconut Oil Ketogenic Grocery List

  • Avocado Oil 

  • Grass-Fed Butter

  • Ghee

  • Olive Oil 

  • MCT Oil 

  • Red Palm 

  • Mac Nut Oil

Coconut Oil : Definitely load up on the coconut oil you’re having a lot of it lauric acid so really powerful stuff.

Avocado Oil : It is tremendous to cook with because that way you’re going to end up. Having a higher smoke point so you can cook with it not to nature the fat.

Grass-Fed Butter : Kerrygold vidal farms it just it’s butter that has better omega-3 content.

Ghee : It is clarified butter so they take butter and they extract just the fat technically lactose free and very low harmful dairy. If you’re just introducing jerry you want to keep it to a minimum ghee.

Olive Oil : 100% just don’t cook with it add it to your veggies add it on top of things. It’s in the same ballpark as avocado as far as having that gene activation for fat burning.

MCT Oil : You might want to put it in your coffee because MCTO is a fast-acting fat. It absorbs really quick and gives you quick energy in the brain in the body.

Red Palm : Regular palm oil is not that sustainable red palm is plus it has some other carotenoids in it that are very healthy.

Macadamia Nut Oil : It is expensive but very high in omega-7 and Omega-9 fats. You can drizzle it on some things if you want.

Moving Forward We Have Nuts And Seeds In Ketogenic Grocery List


Ketogenic Grocery List 2020

  • Pili Nuts

  • Mac Nuts

  • Pecans 

  • Walnuts 

  • Brazil Nuts 

  • Hemp Seeds 

  • Flax/Chia 

Pili Nuts : You can’t get it a lot of stores so you end up finding those at specialty stores Sometimes whole foods has them highest fat lowest carb nut that is out there very high good saturated fat content. But again you’re not going to necessarily find that if you’re just a beginner at a regular grocery store.

Macadamia Nuts : Very low carb content we’re talking 3 to 4 grams of carbs per serving low phytic acid content which means they’re not chelating minerals are not getting rid of it. Sometimes when you eat nuts what happens is they have toxins in them that lock up your minerals. They can’t get absorb where macadamia nuts not have that. 

Pecans : Another very low carb nut.

Walnuts : Highest omega-3 content and very good nut.

Brazil Nuts : These are gonna be terrific if you’re female and you’re trying to boost some thyroid function. It has selenium in it for that.

Hemp Seeds : A great protein source great omega-3 source in a great non estrogenic way to get some protein.

Flax And Chia : Terrific for fiber and soluble fiber the best seeds that you can eat. Don’t go crazy on because they are somewhat estrogenic.

Now Next Pick Up Cheese And Dairy Products From Ketogenic Grocery List


Ketogenic Grocery List

  • Greek/Bulgarian Yogurt 

  • Cottage Cheese 

  • Goat Cheese 

  • Parm/Romano 

  • Aged White Cheddar 

  • Heavy Cream

  • 1/3 Less Fat Cream Cheese 

Greek/Bulgarian Yogurt : It is unsweetened you can go for the higher fat content but don’t try to get a low fat one. Higher fat content greek yogurt is great it does add up in carbs where Bulgarian yogurt is not at all grocery stores. But sprouts whole foods specialty stores definitely have it. It’s lower carb content higher fat content and much more in the way of probiotics. So very much so better your overall gut health.

Cottage Cheese : Very careful  with cottage cheese because it try to get one that has very few ingredients. If it has carrageenan and it has a bunch of emulsifiers and be careful there’s only couple of brands i think are decent.

Goat Cheese : It is a different classification of cheese because obviously comes form goat. But it’s different in the sense that it doesn’t have the same negative inflammatory. All you need to take away from me saying that is it doesn’t have an immuno active response in the body. It doesn’t trigger your immune system to cause inflammation like a lot of cheese do. It’s just the cleanest you can get.

Parmesan And Romano : When it comes down to the regular cow cheese those are going to be best. Aged and because they’re lactose content is much less and just a healthier cheese.

Aged White Cheddar : For regular kind of a cheese go for an aged grass-fed white cheddar. If you look at kerrygold they have some of those and some other companies have aged white cheddar that it’s grass-fed again aged. Cheese are always better because cheese is one of those things works quite honestly the more you spend the higher quality is usually healthier.

Heavy Cream : It is going to be a lower carb content than half-and-half higher fat content and you don’t end up having the inflammatory effect from the milk. Half-and-half is for half cream and half milk.

Now The Rest Products and Ingredients From Ketogenic Grocery List


  • Mayonnaise 

  • Guacamole 

  • Cacao 

  • Canned Coconut Milk 

  • Coffee/Tea

  • Cayenne 

  • Redmond/Pink Salt 

  • Stevia/Monk Fruit 

  • Cinnamon 

  • Ginger 

  • Pork Rinds 

  • Jerky 

Mayonnaise : Predominately mayonnaise that is made with avocado or olive oil. If it says canola or soy on it run the other way.

Guacamole : Same Category has the avocado. You just get it in a cheaper refrigerator form.

Cacao : Cacao or Cocoa simply because it’s powerful in the way of polyphenols. Which do help you create ketones and you’re gonna find that it ends up making life a little bit easier. Just to enjoy some chocolate.

Caned Coconut Milk : The coconut milk and coconut cream in a can simply because it’s going to have a higher fat content than what you get in the carton. You can cook with it or you can use it as a dairy replacement. Use it as a coffee creamer get the thick stuff when you shake the can. You shouldn’t hear liquid. It should sound thick and then you put it in the refrigerator.

Coffee And Tea : It’s given caffeine mobilizes fat.

Cayenne : It should become your friend unless you can’t handle it. It got Substance P in it it go caps akin which is going to elevate your core body temperature for hours after you eat it. Therefore helping you burn more fat.

Salt : Redmond salt is my favorite or pink himalayan salt. You want salt on keto because you lose minerals when you’re on keto.

Stevia And Monk Fruit : No sense in buying the sucralose no sense in buying the aspartame stevia is inexpensive in these days. Just look on the back and make sure that it’s not stevia with erythritol or monk fruit with erythritol. That is okay it’s not bad but i want you to get the purest stuff possible. Like if you’re baking and things like that didn’t sure. Like LeConte that has monk fruit with a little bit of erythritol. Totally fine but pure stevia stuff like that for a fasted state. I would recommend always keeping it.

Cinnamon : You know for the first thing in the morning just clean cinnamon just because it’s going to help keep your insulin levels low, helps mimic insulin, keeps your blood sugar low and keeps your ketones high.

Ginger : Very good for your gut just simply put powder form or raw form.

Pork Rinds : Try to get the ones that are baked not fried inexpensive one are gonna be fried. Which is totally fine you just have to think what are they fried in what kind of oil. Epic brand has ones that are baked that way they’re just the pork skin. The pork fat that is put in the oven with no added oils. You’re just getting the good monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats and they’re just a good snack.

Jerky : It is going to work for you just get ones that do not have soy sauce. Look for ones that say seasons with tamari seasoning or ones that just aren’t the teriyaki. Don’t have quin of that Asian flavor to it because that’s gonna have sugar and it’s gonna have soy.

If you get this basic stuff and you have your home stock with this then you will be successful with keto. You will not fail do not fall victim to all the other things out there. Don’t start bringing in a bunch of keto. Treats until you’re seasoned with the basics. 

I hope You Really Like This Article

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