Unexpected Diet For Joaquin Phoenix Weight Loss : Lose 52 Pounds

Joaquin Phoenix Weight Loss

Joaquin Phoenix Weight Loss Diet

I’m sure you already know that joaquin phoenix is in this new role playing the notorious villain the joker. I noticed in the trailer that he look remarkably skinnier. He was never a heavy guy but you know he definitely wasn’t that like emaciated looking or really skinny.

How Joaquin Phoenix Actually Lost 52 Pounds To Play Joker Role

The way he lost weight was really abnormal. He actually only ate an apple a day, lettuce and green beans that was his diet for months. 

The losing 52 pounds like this is really the incorrect way to lose weight or drop some body fat. The joaquin phoenix is actually a method actor. And these method actor will take extreme measure to play a certain role. He probably viewed the joker as you know a nail EA ‘td individual who was really skinny really gaunt. Then clearly had emotional issues and this is why he got that skinny

You can clearly see that in his acting and how he got that skinny and how it took a mental toll on him. He actually said funny enough and that in an interview that i read that the director had all these pretzels some of his favourite brands of pretzels all around his office. It was really give joaquin phoenix a crazy headache and making him feel like absolutely crap.

Now you see him doing regular interviews he look like he’s gaining weight. His weight back but he did say doing this type of extreme dieting made him have a little bit of an eating disorder. 

You’re always constantly checking your weight because you know you’re playing a character for long now. But going back to your older routine is become lot harder to do. Now going back to being regular joequin phoenix. He’s checking his weight all the time. He can’t go and indulge in lunch or dinners with his friends or do what he wants to do. 

Is This Is Actually Right Way To Lose Weight?

Absolutely not, losing weight like joequin phoenix did takes such a mental toll on your brain, on your body, you become so angry and this can lead to premature death. Definitely don’t ever want to emulate these type of behaviors when it comes to losing weight. A lot of people under the impression with starving yourself for eating 200 calories, 300 calories a day. This is the best way to lose weight and drop weight as fast as you can. 

But unfortunately you’re not going to lose much body fat doing this because in order to losing your body fat your body has to become happy. Your body is definitely not happy when it’s 200 or 300 calories a day because it actually in starvation mode.

In a simple words i just want you to don’t do the type joaquin phoenix weight loss diet. Because it can really harmful for you and your health also.

Besides this there is lots of weight loss diets out on internet that you can choose and stick with them to losing weight.

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