What To Do During In Quarantine? : Best Time For Weight Loss

What To Do During In Quarantine


Before I Get Into 5 Tips that’ll manage eating diet during quarantine.

I just want to say i hope you are all doing well. I hope you and your families and your loved ones are staying safe and i really hope you are all doing good.

I also want to say a huge thank you to all the doctors and the nurses that are working tirelessly during these trying times to heal peoples to make them better and to everybody else. Who’s just going out there work to ensure that people like us can just survive this. All the people working in grocery stores the essential services the people who collect our garbage. The people who clean the sewers. The people who you know drive the trucks the police the health services. The fire guys everybody a big THANK YOU and i think we as people cannot just say thank you to them. But i think we should show it in our actions as well be kind to them ask them if they need anything. If we ever encounter them and really just be grateful for all the people that are making our lives easier in these trying times.

And also i want to just put this out there ladies and gentleman that i am NOT a doctor i’m not a nutritionist or a dietitian or a personal trainer so please if you have any medical conditions if you have any illnesses make sure you consult a professional this article is for well i guess education and sometimes just motivational.

What To Do During In Quarantine?

Here we have 5 tips to manage eating diet during the quarantine

                                             TIP NO. 1

IT’S OK IF YOU AREN’T DOING KETO : Ladies and gentleman you gotta roll with the punches sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Right now a lot of people don’t have access to all the groceries and the foods that they normally get access to. So if you are one of those people and if you have had to stop doing keto. I just want to let you know that it’s okay and some of you are lucky enough that you’re able to find the groceries you need. You’re able to continue with keto and some of you have not been so lucky. In fact even i am finding it bit difficulty now even though there’s not been any panic buying in my area yet. But you don’t want to keep going out of the house and looking for groceries.

Sometimes you just need to manage with what you have at home. Because you have to stay indoors. I know a lot of people might be getting stressed about it like oh i stopped keto and i going to put on weight again. You know what am i going to do i just want to let you it’s okay. We’re all here to help you if you need anything. If you’re not doing keto then you can always do low-carb. You can always just eat whatever’s available keto is not going anywhere. It’s gonna be here at the end of the day. Once this is all over and we go back to normal life. You can get back to keto then no problem. So for now it’s important not to beat yourself up about it.

                                                TIP NO. 2

TRY INTERMITTENT FASTING : Intermittent fasting is something that a lot of us are already doing while we were on keto. Some people do it without keto as well and intermittent fasting is just a great way to restrict your calories. Also make sure that you eat less food so it takes the guesswork out like figuring out all your meals. You could just skip breakfast every day and you know that’s your intermittent fasting. So i thinks like times like these it’s actually a good tool to have. It’s something that can also catch your mind away from thinking about food all the time. Whether it’s skipping breakfast or skipping dinner it’s up to you.

You can start with 12 hours slowly build it up to 13, 14 and 16. Personally for me i think 16:8 is a good ratio so that’s 8 hours of eating and 16 hours of no eating.

                                                 TIP NO. 3

TRY NOT TO STRESS EAT OR SNACK A LOT : Avoid the binge eating and try not to snack all the time. You know being at home is new for a lot of people and that can often lead to boredom and rummaging in kitchen for something to eat simply. Because you have nothing else to do of course. Some of us are stressed because of well there enough reasons to be stressed and that leads to us eating. If it happens once in a while don’t beat yourself up about it.

But obviously try to actively make sure that you don’t do these things. Because these are short ways that you know you might start to gain weight. You’re just sitting at home this is provided of course you have food lying around. But it’s definitely important to be mindful of this and you know that sort of will lead me into my next point as well.

                                               TIP NO. 4

MOVE THAT BODY! AND PICK A HOBBY! : Keep exercising or maybe try and pick some kind of activity to do during the day. While you’re home do physical activity so obviously a lot of us will not be able to go to the gym or get access to gym equipment. Some of you are lucky enough to have a small gym at home or dumbbells or something and you can use that to work out. Others may not but you can download an app you can get HIIT workouts.

You can just walk around in your house if you have a reasonably sized house or you could even just set aside one hour every day to dance. Dancing is a good way to burn calories. Also pick up a hobby whether it’s learning some music, whether it’s singing and whether it’s painting. Anything that you can do because all these activities will keep you distracted. It will keep you busy. It will keep you away from the earlier point of binge eating or just snacking when it’s not needed.

                                                  TIP NO. 5

CALORIES MATTER, MAKE A MEAL PLAN FOR YOURSELF : When it comes to any kind of weight loss or diet calories do matter in the end and make plan yourself. You can definitely go off your keto and not gain back any weight as long as you maintain your calories. That maintenance level you eat less calories you can continue to lose weight even if you are off keto. This is where something like meal prepping and meal planning makes a world of a differences.

If you’re stuck at home it might be great activity for you actually.  Take a stock of what you have in your house and in your kitchen. What’s available to you and then make yourself a menu for the entire week based on that. So you can just write down what you’re going to eat every day with based on what you have in your pantry and every day or maybe on one day. You can just cook everything and put them in Tupperware boxes. Portion it out and then you’ve got your meals prepped for like a week or two weeks and you’re good to go.

This will ensure that you don’t over eat you stick to a meal plan nonetheless. and you will lose weight. We know this is for a fact all those bodybuilders. They are going on meal plans and meal prepping. They’re eating carbs as well not everyone is doing keto or low comm. So weight loss come down to calories and even if you are not doing keto. You can definitely maintain your weight and even lose weight while being at home.

So ladies and gentleman these are 5 Tips for managing your eating during times like these

And i hope you will found now What To Do During In Quarantine with this article.


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