Yoga For Weight Loss | 30 Days Challenge For Beginners

Yoga Challenge For Weight Loss : 7 Poses That'll Destroy Belly Fat

Weight loss isn’t the main goal of yoga, but if it’s a goal of yours, here is our 30 Days Yoga challenge for weight loss… Holding a plank will be one of the best ways to strengthen your core.

With no doubt,

It’s possible to lose weight doing Yoga —as long as you’re doing the right type.

Begin your exercise journey with these yoga posses for weight loss that will help build muscle tone, and give you more flexibility to your body.

and also this Yoga Challenge For Weight Loss very easy to do 

so, don’t worry if you are too fatty you can easily do this poses

Start Now or Never

Let’s get right into it, be ready to take 30 days Yoga challenge for weight loss 

Here is The Ultimate 7 Poses 

*Just a note: if you perform a pose on one sided – always perform it on the other side as well.

1. Downward Dog Leg Lift (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

ABOUT POSE : In downward dog leg lift we’re going to find a three legged downward facing dog, by lifting the right leg high. Super important to keep the hip square so you’ll have the right hip dropping down, Outer left hip lifting up and then first thing you’re going to find a hight plant so your shoulder are directly over you wrist …………


  1. Help Relieve Stress

  2. Reduce Weight Loss

  3. Strengthens the arms and legs

  4. Energizes the body.

  5. Improves digestion

DURATION : Hold For 1 Minute

2. WARRIOR II (Virabhadrasana B)

ABOUT POSE : It’s almost like Downward dog leg lift so, let’s take through downward dog as you’ll come into downward facing dog Spreading you fingers, opening backs of the legs, lifting your hips, belly in and reach the right leg high important to keep the hips square and not open the hip up ………..


  1. Reduces Weight Loss

  2. Opens yours hips, chest and lungs.

  3. Energizes the entire body

  4. Improves focus, balance and stability.

  5. Strengthens your arms, legs, back, shoulders and ankles

DURATION : Hold For 20sec

3. WARRIOR III (Virabhadrasana C)

ABOUT POSE : Warrior III is a powerful posture to build strength and reduces weight loss very fast. Starting off in a standing position inhale and exhale fold forward. Now so you need that first deep forward fold so pivot in through the hip joints then bring a practice listing the legs so reach your fingers forward and keep belly nice and sucked in……….


  1. Reduces Weight Loss Very Quickly

  2. Encourages good circulation and respiration.

  3. Energizes the entire body

  4. Opens yours hips, chest and lungs.

  5. Stretches your arms, shoulders, legs, belly and ankles.

DURATION : Hold For 20sec

4. Twisted Crescent Lunge Pose 

ABOUT POSE : In Twisted Crescent Lunge Pose Starting with downward facing dog reach your left leg to the sky a breathe in exhale step your foot between your hands and then drop your right knee all the way down to the ground ……….


  1. Reduces Weight Loss

  2. Increases Stamina and Balance

  3. Improves Posture By Awakening The Spine And Back Muscles

  4. Stretches your Body

DURATION : Hold For 1 Minute

5. Chair Pose

ABOUT POSE : Chair Pose is great to tone your leg muscles basically your thigh muscles and also it helps a lot to reduce belly fat . Stand up tall and nice take a few deep breathes once you’re ready gently bring your butt back and begin to bend your knees slightly and raise your arms all the way up as you inhale and make sure you have a normal deep breathe………..


  1. Helps To Reduce Belly Fat

  2. Reduces symptoms of flat feet.

  3. Tones the leg muscles excellently.

  4. Stimulates the heart, diaphragm, and abdominal organs.

DURATION : Hold For 30sec To 1min

6. High Side Plank (Vasisthasana

ABOUT POSE : Fingertips Point Directly Forward and you can just sit in a, I call this like sugar leader stance then bend the elbow out to the side what that’s going to allow you to do is lean the weight over your index knuckle and finger and make sure that the weight is directly over there……..


  1. Reduces Weight Loss

  2. Strengthens Legs

  3. Improves Concentration

  4. Increases Core Strength

DURATION : Hold For 13sec to 30sec

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7. Sun Salutations (Sura Namaskara)

ABOUT POSE : Sun Salutations is like warming up your body. One breathe per movement, preparing your body, your muscles, reduces belly fat. Before we get into that, i see a lot people doing incorrectly or not the safest way, so this is wrong way to do sun salutation.

Breathe in, arms over head, a lot of throwing your back out, sticking hips out and then just a lazy fold forward as you exhale breathe in, keeping your rounding in your back and then hopping back to a plank pose…………..


  1. Effective for Weight Loss

  2. A Secret for Beautiful Skin

  3. Relief from Hair Fall

  4. Improves Digestion

  5. Ensures Heart Health and Boosts Immunity

DURATION : 12 to 15 minutes!!

NOTE : Do all These Ultimate 7 poses for 21 Days To Getting Better Results.

So, Be Ready To Accept This 30 Days Yoga Challenge For Weight Loss and then you will definitely get Amazing results ASAP.

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